Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Time for Fall Clean Up!
Many lawns are suffering from lack of maintenance. We can help you with that by raking up leaves, trimming your tees, cleaning out flower beds, hauling away junk.
Tree Services
Stone Work
Flower Beds
Junk Removal
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Friday, September 25, 2015

Landscaping to help Realtors sell homes in Dallas and Ft. Worth

We are SODinstall.com, one of the things we love to do is help Realtors close sales. We offer services for: SOD installation, Sprinkler Repair, Sprinkler Installation, Sprinkler Valve Location (Licesnse# LI16417), Tree service: Tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, Flower Beds, Stonework, retaining walls, and more. Every time we renovate a home it flat out sells.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Sod installation for Allen, Dallas, Plano

Here is a pooch that is just trying to convey a message to his masters, GOT SOD? Here at www.sodinstall.com We can provide you with St. Augustine, Bermuda or Zoysia SOD that can help in situations like this. This poor dog just wants some nice mulch and SOD to roll around in, can you blame him? #sodinstall #sprinklerrepair

Sprinkler repair installation valve location in Dallas

Sprinkler repair, Sprinkler installation, Valve location, broken double checks, broken sprinkler heads, broken wires, control box upgrades.  #sprinklerrepair #sodinstall

Thursday, September 3, 2015

It’s time to get your SOD ON! Here at SODinstall.com we are having a huge sale on or SOD installation service. We professionally install High Quality SOD all around Dallas, Plano, Allen, Frisco, Garland, Oak Cliff, Irving, Arlington and more. We mainly install three types of SOD: St. Augustine, Bermuda and Zoysia. See below for descriptions of each.
How it works:
1.)    You go to our website: www.SODinstall.com and fill out our free request form.
2.)    You can also call for a free quote 214-843-1993
3.)    Once we have your info, we come out and measure your lawn, and also determine what type of SOD is best for your lawn. We also check your soil condition, amount of sunlight the lawn gets, check for pest problems, irrigation issues. We can also check your sprinklers for $99 diagnostic check.
4.)    Once we have gathered all the right measurements, etc., we email you a free estimate on what the SOD job will cost, this includes: Labor, Delivery and Materials.
5.)    When you give us the green light we take a down payment and then schedule your install.
6.)    Once install is complete, the remainder balance is due at the end of the job.

SOD Descriptions:
ST. Augustine SOD: Great in the shade or full sun, coarse broad blade
Bermuda SOD: Needs full sun, uses less water, fine blade

Zoysia: Most expensive, most versatile, uses less water, fine blade

It's that time of year now for your sprinkler check up! Here at SODinstall.com give our customers excellent sprinkler repair, maintenance, and valve location. Basically our services cover your entire sprinkler system from fixing broken heads, locating broken wires and valves, replacing your old control box, installing a rain sensor, installing drip foundation, installing drip for you flower beds. 

And yes, we are licensed to install sprinklers LI 0021149. It's also important to know that every city has different guidelines for installing sprinklers, we always check with the local city codes for installing sprinklers in your lawn. For example some cities do not allow pop up sprinkler heads on the sidewalks, they require drip irrigation. 

How it works: You go to our website www.SODinstall.com and fill out the request form or call us at 214-843-1993 for a quote. 

SPRINKLER REPAIR/ SERVICE/ MAINTENACE/ VALVE & WIRE LOCATION: All sprinkler jobs will start at $99.00, customer must have payment in cash if you are a first time customer. Troubleshooting and repair will begin once payment is made. Average sprinkler repair jobs vary from $125 to $650. There are many factors that go into sprinkler repair/ valve location. But one thing we do guarantee is that we are fair and honest with our estimates. We have plenty of references for you to call. 

SPRINKLER INSTALLATION: Our sprinkler installation process starts with a site survey (FREE), we give you a ball park figure on cost after that. If agreed upon, a down payment is taken, then we will draw up a professional map for your sprinkler system. We will submit it to the city code department for approval. There is usually a fee for the permit. Once the permit is accepted, we will begin installation of your new sprinkler system. Once system has been installed, passed inspection, tested, the remainder balance is due. 
We understand that there are many sprinkler/ irrigation companies out there, and that's just fine with us because we stand out. We are family owned. There are three brothers that own the company, each one brings different talent to the company. We have grown in the past few years but our quality has stayed the same, we have a very high standard in irrigation. 

Go tour our website at www.SODinstall.com and fill out the request form now. 
Call: 214-843-1993 to speak to a representative about your sprinkler needs. 
We appreciate your business! 

Friday, April 24, 2015

Sod in Dallas

When you choose our company for sod installation we come by and mark your lawn with organic spray.

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