Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The FAQ "How much per pallet?": A short discussion about SOD and SOD installation.

I understand that shopping for a good deal is a great thing. Especially when you do your homework and strike gold. Shopping for a product you know all about like a purse or computer is one thing, shopping around for SOD and SOD installation is another. For example, if you know purses, you know that a purse from Wally World will cost less than a purse from Dillards. You understand that Dillards sells higher quality purses that Wal-Mart. You also understand that a purse from Dillards will cost less than one from Nordstroms, so on and so forth. The same can be said about almost any specialized material or service like SOD and SOD Installation. There are not too many people that know about the SOD industry unless you are in it like we are at We are the experts in this field. We have years of experience installing hundreds of lawns. We know what we are doing.

This leads me to the frequently asked question of "HOW MUCH PER PALLET?" I sometimes receive that phone call or email. And at times people are too impatient to hear me out. If a customer is simply looking to purchase the cheapest SOD in the market it definitely is not us. Calling around to landscaping companies trying to get the lowest bid on a pallet of SOD is a waste of time and a waste of your money. I recently did a quote for a customer in a gated community in Dallas. He ended up going with another SOD company because they were the lowest. He called me back a week later and asked if I could come fix his problem. We had installed Zoysia SOD for his neighbor and it looked beautiful (hence the quote I gave him). He said that the SOD we installed for his neighbor looked great but his looked nasty and dead. We ended up tearing out the ugly nasty SOD and installing our fresh Zoysia. I asked the gentleman why he went with the other company. He said that it was way cheaper than our bid. I told him that our rates on labor and SOD were very competitive in the SOD market. He thanked us for the great job we did and was happy.

I understand how folks may lead up to learning to ask price per pallet. They probably called around and were told such things like, "Bermuda is $150.00 per Pallet". That's fine and dandy but it's only a number. One should not "go" with a company just based on a price per pallet, that is insane.

The real question should be this: CAN I GET A FREE ESTIMATE? Translation: Is your company willing to come out to my property and take a gander and tell me what I need and give me an accurate quote? There are many questions when it comes to SOD installation for your lawn. Here is a list of reasons why a company should come out and look at your lawn:
1.) Each lawn is different.
2.) We need to see how much sunlight your lawn gets.
3.) We need to measure the square footage of your lawn with a measuring wheel for an accurate quote.
4.) We need to see if your sprinklers are functioning correctly for adequate coverage, pressure, etc.
5.) We need to see if you have any existing lawn issues like grubs, other insects, drainage problems, poor soil, pet urine, pet traffic.
6.) Most importantly is actually meeting you the customer. We can inform you what type of SOD is best for your lawn. For example if you have a lawn that gets full sun all day and you have pets, one of the best types of SOD for that situation is Bermuda. I will post more about Bermuda later.

The bottom line is this, if you are calling around looking for the cheapest SOD in the market, you will get cheap SOD and more than likely cheap service. Below is a list of some of our standards at 

1.)    We only use High Quality SOD from the Gulf Coast and a few select local SOD farms.
2.)    We mark all your sprinklers so that they are not damaged by the tiller.
3.)    We give you a FREE Sprinkler Check. We also repair any problems at a discounted rate. Testing your sprinklers is a MUST when installing SOD.
4.)    We raise your sprinklers when needed.
5.)    We always till the soil for good root establishment and allow oxygen to flow in the soil.
6.)    We taper all the edges where SOD meets any sidewalks or driveways to ensure a smooth transition for mowing.

7.)    We wet and roll the SOD with a 250lb roller to remove air pockets and promote root growth.

End Result when you choose us for your Landscaping needs:
You fill out the request form at our website.
We come out to give you a free estimate on your SOD installation. We email you an itemized quote.
If you like our quote you give us a down payment for materials. 
We then schedule the installation and get the job done. 
Easy as that! 

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