Tuesday, May 20, 2014

SOD Installation standards, Above the rest: SODinstall.com

Our SOD Installation Standards at SODinstall.com:

1.)    We only use High Quality SOD from the Gulf Coast and a few select local SOD farms.
2.)    We mark all your sprinklers so that they are not damaged by the tiller.
3.)    We give you a FREE Sprinkler Check. We also repair any problems at a discounted rate. Testing your sprinklers is a MUST when installing SOD.
4.)    We raise your sprinklers when needed.
5.)    We always till the soil for good root establishment and allow oxygen to flow in the soil.
6.)    We taper all the edges where SOD meets any sidewalks or driveways to ensure a smooth transition for mowing.
7.)We wet and roll the SOD with a 250lb roller to remove air pockets and promote root growth.

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