Sunday, December 8, 2013

Dallas Ice Storm Freezes Lawns :It's all in the Roots

Frozen Lawn
No matter how well you took care of your lawn this summer season, your lawn is now frozen. Many lawns will survive this wintry mix but some will not. Dallas has not had this long of a cold spell in a while. The longer the cold stays in the twenty's and low thirty's, the more lawns will tragically be killed off. Warm season grass is called warm season for a reason, they hate the cold. A few years ago when we got a late winter blast, we replaced about one-hundred lawns damaged by the ice. If you do maintain your lawn, the chances of root survival are better. Let me explain. There are many factors that lead to a healthy lawn: 

Watering, fertilizing, sunlight exposure, aeration, soil conditions, herbicides, nitrogen, carbohydrates, and the "oxygen diffusion rate". Paying attention to these factors will go a long way to a  vigorous and deep root system. Feeding and watering your lawn properly will also insure thick turf. Prepare your lawn for days like this in Dallas. When your lawn is stressed it always looks to it's roots for help. I will be writing another post elaborating on the importance of maintaining your lawn to ensure deep healthy roots. 

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