Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Can I plant SOD in the winter in Dallas, Texas: Yes, you can. Si se puede!

I get this question all the time from customers and even friends, "Can you plant SOD in the winter time?" My answer is always, "Yes." Well, for those who live in the "Southern Zone". The United States is divided up into "zones". Dallas, Texas falls into this zone. Basically, we have very warm summers and our winters are warm too, well according to my friend in North Dakota. It rarely gets below freezing. When it does freeze in Dallas, look out! Run to your nearest Kroger and buy milk, eggs and bread. Planting SOD in the winter does sound a bit off, one would think that planting is done in the spring. For the most part, that would be correct. But, we are in Texas. And as we all know everything in Texas is Big and warm. I threw in the warm.

Billions of dollars are made every year off of millions of acres of SOD. People need their SOD. People love a nice green lawn. Those who can pay for it, will most likely hire someone to do it. And that someone is us SODinstall.com. Enough of the ads. Furthermore, SOD farms produce SOD all year long, this means the demand for SOD still exists in the fall and winter seasons in Texas. The requests for SOD installation definitely slows down when Old Man Winter comes to Big D.

We plant SOD in December, January and February because the Texas winters are warm compared to the upper states. When we plant SOD, the roots are protected by the grass plants and soil. Great SOD comes with at least three inches of soil and lush grass leaf blades. In the winter, the SOD may be a little brown, but that's okay. It will green up in the spring. Even if an ice storm hits, or if it snows, the newly planted SOD will more than likely survive. I would say a 95% chance. Of course there are no guarantees when it comes to SOD growth. SOD is a produce product and cannot be guaranteed to grow, even though we are 99% sure it will take every time. It is usually lack of proper maintenance that does the grass in.

If it does freeze and we have just planted SOD, no worries. Be sure to keep your lawn wet. Yes, wet. The SOD needs plenty of water. Ice will form around the roots, protecting them. Just keep your lawn watered for at least 12 to 14 days straight, soaking it every time. Use common sense too. If water runs into the street and it is freezing, you may create a slick spot on the road. If you have to, wait till the freeze is over and begin to water, or water when the temp rises in the afternoon.

I hope this has cleared up the question about planting SOD in the winter in Dallas, Texas. The answer is yes, and please call or click today!

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